Thursday, August 13, 2009


Most casual observers think the blond twin is the dominant twin. It's a perfectly reasonable observation because too often the brunette twin gives in to her sister. It doesn't matter if it's a question about choosing candy or playing a game. We're constantly telling the brunette twin not to give in to her sister.

What people don't see is the morning routine in this house. Most mornings the brunette twin wakes up under protest. It's not her fault she's awake and she's not interested in getting out of bed. The blond twin, in contrast, jumps out of bed with fresh batteries. She gets dressed and brushes her hair before any of us knows she's awake.

This is when she starts her duties as the brunette twin's lady-in-waiting. This morning was a perfect example. The brunette twin couldn't bring herself to roll out of bed to choose her clothes. The blond twin went into her sister's closet and started putting together outfits. She brought them to the brunette twin, still in her bed, for the brunette twin's review. When the brunette twin shook her head no, the blond twin went back to pick out another outfit. Once the brunette twin chose an outfit, the blond twin helped her get dressed and comb her hair.

The blond twin's lady-in-waiting duties extend past just helping the brunette twin get dressed. The blond twin is the one to get out the crayons and coloring books, and most often the one doing the most cleaning up. Occasionally, she also feeds her sister food the brunette twin doesn't want to eat. Yesterday the brunette twin decided she didn't want to eat her nectarines, so she asked the blond twin to feed her. I said, "No, you are not feeding your sister." After much protesting, I let her.

As a lady-in-waiting, she is also her sister's constant companion and trusted confidant. They whisper in each other's ears and giggle about their secrets.

It's a role the blond twin was born to play. She loves taking care of her sister, and in return, her sister gives in to her. I'm happy with it because I don't have to fight with the brunette twin to get out of bed and get ready in the morning.

Someday it will change, but for now, as long as it works for them, it works for me.


Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Wow. How I wish my daughter had a lady-in-waiting (besides myself, that is). It sounds like their personalitities complement each other perfectly!

nicki said...

Thats so sweet... as long as they're both happy with the "arrangement!" Little Bear is already starting to try to use Pufferfish as her own lady-in-waiting!