Sunday, August 16, 2009

It does get easier

People always tell me that raising children goes get easier. I realized today that we're at a point where I can honestly say it is a bit easier.

We went to visit some family members who live about two hours away. This morning I told the girls to get up and get dressed and brush their teeth. They packed their own swimming bags with their suits, cover-ups and towels. They played while we got ready.

A few years ago we would have packed the night before to make sure we didn't forget anything. The list would have included twelve jars of food (3 per meal, per child x 2 meals), a change of clothes, ten diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, toys, 10 bottles, snacks and a stroller. Of course, the girls couldn't help us with any of it.

In the morning we would have fed them, changed them, dressed them, and put them back in their cribs to play while we got ready. Then, before leaving the house, we would have fed them again, changed their diapers, and headed out the door. If we were lucky, this would have happened without us having the change either girls' clothing.

I look at old photos and remember that, at the moment the photo was taken, we thought the girls were so big. We marvelled at their ability to crawl, eat Cheerios with their own hands, and say simple words.

I never thought we'd be at a place where they would make it easy to get out the door. I kind of like the new independence they have developed. Of course, in a few more years they will be completely capable of doing most things for themselves. I wonder if I'll feel the same way then.


Jacque said...

Mine are 13, 15, and 16 and right now I think it might have been easier when they were 1,3 and 4 :) The stages are definitely different, but I think they all come with their share of rewards and challenges. I did love kindergarten...I could lay down for a nap as long as I kept one eye slightly open and all would be well, usually ;) Grade school homework was always A LOT and they always needed A LOT of that they are in high school, they do their homework themselves but there is so much of it, plus sports and friends and special events and jobs and oh my...AND so much to teach them before they leave the nest. My oldest is going to get a checking account soon now that she has a she can learn to pay bills before she leaves home in two short years. The important thing to remember is...don't blink. It goes by soooooo fast.

Farozaan said...

My twins are 4 yo now and sometimes I just feel on top of the world coz now we can do some basic chores in less time. Like breakfast and dinners. Getting ready to visit some friend or relative.
Things are definitely getting easier. And I feel like after 4 years in complete detachment from outer world and in crazy kinda routine suddenly I am getting more time for myself and to reconnect with other humans.
Those crazy routines were not bad, But I still feel that I was so busy in routine work and keeping things in order that me and my hubby really didnt enjoy our kids first 3/4 years as much as other parents usually do.
I dont know about you but now I try to enjoy more and keep schedules flexible as I have realized that time really flies.