Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glued to Golf

We are doing something this afternoon we normally don't do. We're watching golf -- specifically the Solheim Cup. It's a busy Saturday, so we're not just sitting in front of the TV, but kind of using it as background noise. Whenever we hear a cheer, we go to see what is happening.

I could say we're watching it because the girls are in golf lessons and we want them to see professional women golfers. I could say we watching to support the American team or that we're watching because it's being played in a Chicago suburb. None of this is true, though.

We are watching because it is being played on a private course built by a gentleman and his wife. Seriously. Jerry Rich and his wife built a world-class golf course in his back yard. His property also include a full-size Tilt A Whirl and antique car collection.

After reading all the newspaper articles, we realize it's so cool we just have to watch. And, if it inspires the girls to take additional golf lessons, all the better.

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