Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Again

The blond twin was born first, which is about the last time she could claim to be the first one to do anything. Oh, she did eat solid food before her sister, but only my husband and I consider that an accomplishment.

For anything that matters to the girls -- crawling, walking, getting teeth, losing teeth, riding a tricycle, riding a bike with training wheels, riding a bike without training wheels, swimming, skating -- the brunette twin had always been first.

Until today.

The girls have been trying to learn to tie their shoes. They will sit for a long time and try to do it. They give each other pointers and help each other remember the steps.

This morning the girls were getting ready to go to school. I told them to go downstairs and put on their shoes. I said I would tie their shoes after I came down. Since asking them to put on their shoes always buys me a few minutes to get ready, I like to use that to keep them busy. I can always use a couple of extra minutes to get ready.

Today, the blond twin came up after a few minutes just glowing. She said, "Hey Mom, notice anything?" Then she held up her foot. She had double-tied her shoe.

She practically glowed. She giggled and squealed. She explained how she did it step-by-step. She sat on the bed so she could bring her shoe up and demonstrate each step.

The brunette twin was right behind her. She was so excited for the blond twin. You'd think she would be jealous, but she wasn't. The brunette twin asked her sister to show her how to tie her shoes. The blond twin spent some time trying to help, but we ran out of time. The brunette twin said, "I'm never going to learn to tie my shoes." Clearly frustrated, she sulked off out of the house.

As we walked to the bus, the blond twin said, "Don't worry Sissy. I'll teach you how to tie your shoes after school." The brunette twin smiled and said, "It would be good if you showed me how to do it because you are really good at it."

I think the blond twin's smile will stay on her face all day. Finally, she can claim to do something before her sister. Even for twins who are not really competitive, it's a big deal.


dcr said...

i read about your girls playing together and getting along so very well and working together and wonder...what the HELL did i do wrong?? oh yeah, my kids aren't twins. "reguar" siblings are supposed to fight. right?

glad to hear everything is going well.

Nicki said...

I love your stories about your kids! I love how they are so sweet to each other most of the time! they have a very special relationship.

Crisiboy said...

1st time to visit this nice blog..hope we could exchange links..thanks a lot.