Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally It's the First Day of School

Today couldn't come quickly enough. Last week we toured the girls' new school for an hour. You might not think you can spend an hour in a school where all the rooms are locked, but we did.

First we picked up their room assignments and bus information. Then we walked the school. The brunette twin had all her questions answered about where the bus drops them off, where their classroom is located, how to find the bathrooms, etc. She felt much better after she had all the information she needed.

Then the real fun started. "Is today our first day of Kindergarten?" was our morning question. We had to count down each day. We filled their backpacks with supplies and talked about kindergarten.

This morning was crazy. Normally I'll take them to the bus about 8:00 a.m. Today school didn't start until 11:00 a.m. Yes, it is one of those "come to school just long enough to get the state money" days. We spent the morning waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. We did their hair, pulled it out and redid it. We ate breakfast and two snacks. We paced anxiously around the house. We checked the time every 10 minutes until it was FINALLY time to go to the bus stop. They skipped to the bus stop.

I thought about skipping home. School has started and all is well.

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Rachel said...

You are in the same boat as me it sounds. My DD is also starting kindergarten this year. We do the walk through this Friday.

I wonder if I will be skipping home on next Monday! lol

Thanks for stopping by!