Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Better Off Without Us

When will I learn that the girls can play together quite nicely for hours without us? As soon as either of us interferes, the fighting and whining starts.

I saw this in action today. The girls were playing nicely for a while. Daddy said, "Is anyone hungry for a snack?" As soon as he spoke, it was over.

They started jockeying for position. "I'm first" is the new cry in our house. It doesn't matter what it is, they start jockeying for position. Then they started fighting about their snack choices. Finally, we had to discuss who was sitting next to Daddy.

When Daddy played Frisbee with them, they fought over who went first and who threw the Frisbee best. A casual game of Frisbee became a point-by-point competition.

When we were tired of the arguing, we sent them to their room. An hour later Daddy went to check on them because it was so quiet.

The girls were playing nicely together -- no fighting, no whining, no pouting. He came downstairs amazed at what was going on in their bedroom.

Me? I just made a mental note to leave them alone more often so we all have more peace and quiet.

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