Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back-to-school Dread

The girls go back to school on August 17 and I already dread the time between now and then. The girls are starting kindergarten in a new school this year. Lots of their friends will be there, so they will know some of the children. They are completely ready academically, so I'm more worried they will be bored than I am that they won't be able to keep up.

The problem is that the brunette twin hates change. She spent the first semester last year upset that she was in a new school. Some mornings she would just whine on her way to the new school. Other days she shed tears because she wanted to go back to the farm school. By January she loved it, but until then there was a lot of whining, crying, etc.

Now she breaks into tears whenever we talk about kindergarten. It's not that she won't have friends or won't be able to do the work. She's worried about all the things she doesn't know. The routine is unknown and it's making us all crazy.

Will the teacher know my name?
Where is the bathroom?
What do we do every day?
What is our good morning song?
How will I find my room?
What will we learn?

Add to this the fact that they are taking the bus and she's in a panic. She wants to know who will help them on the bus. Every day we have the same conversation.

What happens if they get on the wrong bus?
Can they ask the bus driver questions?
What happens if they are on the bus and have to go to the bathroom?
When they get to school, will the teachers help them find their classroom?
Who will make sure they get on the right bus to come home?
Will I be waiting for them at the bus stop?
What happens if I'm late?
What happens if the bus is early?

These conversations require a gentle touch. We have to remember that she is afraid of the unknown. We have to remember that she doesn't like change. We also have to remember that she is like this for most things unknown. We just went through this a few weeks ago when we were on a relaxing boat ride. Until all her questions were answered, she wouldn't relax.

I know it will be okay. I really do. She just needs a few weeks in the new school to understand her new surroundings and routine. I just don't know if we're all going to make it until she finally settles in to the new school.

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Noelle said...

These are all the things we'll be facing next year when my daughter starts kindergarten. Except I'm the one asking all of these questions! lol