Tuesday, August 11, 2009

16 Crayons

Okay, I give up. No, really. I just surrender. Our school supply list includes two boxes of 16-count Crayons per girl. No, not 24-count, which I can find everywhere. They want 16-count. After checking multiple stores and web sites, I still cannot find 16-count Crayons.

I'm done. They are getting two boxes of 24-count Crayons each. If the school wants 16-count Crayons, they will just have to supply them.

Whew, I feel better now. Thanks for listening.


Julie K said...

I'll do you one better... my son's first grade list has 1 tuck box crayons 8 count AND 1 tuck box crayons 16 count. Hmm... sounds like 1 tuck box 24 count to me. I'll ask at the Parent info day (if they need one for art and one for classroom... I'll just send 2 boxes of 24 which I got for 25 cents each). The other thing they call out is a 12 inch wood ruler with NO center holes... good luck finding one without holes in a store. I lucked out as we had gotten a free one when visiting the local fire department booth at a local fair... no holes and has fire safety tips (bonus!). Mental note for next year... swipe more of the no holes rulers next fair... it's on the 2nd grade list too. AARRRGGGG.

Missy said...

I have learned finally after having a child in school for 7 years now that the school supply list is a suggestion if you will. I do my best to meet the criteria stated on the list, but if I can not find the exact specifications I get the next closest approximation and it has all been good. I have also learned to shop at home first before hitting the list. That has helped curb the supply of 10,000 pencils we managed to collect over the years. Folders can often be re-used as well. Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

I found a link for you


nicki said...

Why would they care about the kids having too MANY crayons? I guess they could always just take eight crayons out of each box, if they're worried about it. Last year Little bear's teacher sent her crayons back because they weren't washable. They're so picky these days!

Rachel said...

I think they do this to drive us crazy! I had some things on DD lists that made you go Hmmmmm.... I also supplemented on them.

Kim Moldofsky said...

OMG I HATE this! I spent so much time to day just sifting through and sorting old school supplies. My boys are 9 and 11. As a long suffering fool, I say, next year go ahead and pay a premium price for the "all your supplies in one box" kits that many schools or their parent organizations offer in the Spring. From now on, I'm going that route. You can always swap in a cute folder or notepad here and there. There's always at least ONE item on the list that is impossible to find the right size/color or brand of. And I always obsess about it because I want to make a good impression on the new teacher, right? Ugh. Go for the box.

I'm reading out of order. Glad the first day went well!