Friday, July 17, 2009

Junior High Dance Rehearsal

Out in our backyard there was a Junior High Dance rehearsal going on. It didn't involve music or party dresses. It involved those "what's your name" moments.

Our girls and a neighbor girl were playing when three little boys visiting the house next door came into the back yard. These boys are the neighbors' grandchildren and we have seen them before. Sometimes we come home and find them playing in our yard, which is fine with us because we have the play set and toys for kids their age. Plus, their grandfather helped us move all the parts to our play set, so we feel like he's a partner in the project.

This time, though, the girls stood in our yard and the boys stood in their grandparents' yard. They all stared at each other like they had never played together on our play set.

The questioning was simple. What's your name? How old are you? What grade are you in? We're going to play cars. Do you like to play cars? It was pretty funny to watch the awkward dance of information being passed across an imaginary line. The two lines never got too close to each other. They stood close enough to hear each other, but only if they all spoke loudly.

It reminded me of the junior high school dances where the boys line up on one side and the girls line up on the other. They are not quite sure how to make the first move to dance.

I laughed as I said to my husband, "The boys next door are checking out our girls." He turned around and didn't say a word, but kind of rolled his eyes. I just said, "Welcome to your future honey."

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