Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Complicated Questions

The brunette twin looks at a every situation from all angles and needs answers to all her questions. This is especially true for new experiences. This weekend was a perfect example of how her mind works.

We were on a pontoon boat on a lovely lake. The rest of the passengers were chatting and enjoying the scenery. Not the brunette twin. She was a bit uneasy, and I thought she might get sick, so I had her sit on my lap. I figured if she did get sick, I could toss her head over the side of the boat so she didn't throw up on the boat.

What was bothering her was her head, not her stomach. As soon as she sat on my lap, she started talking. In no particular order, she started asking questions.
  • How does the boat stay up on the water?
  • How many people can fit?
  • Why does it float?
  • What causes a boat to sink?
  • How do we know this boat won't sink?
  • Is there enough gas in the boat to keep it running?
  • Where does the gas come from since I didn't see a gas station?
  • If the motor stops running, will we sink?
  • If the motor stops running and someone had to rescue us, who will go first?
  • Does everyone know how to swim? (Asked because the adults weren't all wearing life jackets, but the children were.)
  • Why isn't everyone wearing a life jacket?
  • Are there enough life jackets?
  • Where are they?
  • Does everyone know how to find them?
  • Why is there only a cover over part of the boat?
  • Why is the water wavy?
  • Why doesn't the boat rock in the water?

She did not understand so many things about the boat that she couldn't enjoy the trip. After I answered her questions, she finally started relaxing and enjoying the boat trip.

This is a trait we've come to expect from the brunette twin. She constantly thinks of questions I wouldn't expect from a five-year-old. She won't let you give her some blow-off answer. She asks the questions in a way that compells you to give her a decent answer. More than once I have said, "I don't know, but let's try to find out." And then we do try to find the answer. Once she makes up her mind that something is okay and all her questions are answered, then she's fine.

I talked to her preschool teacher about this trait as I thought it was unusual for a child her age. Her preschool teacher said most children have a question or two, but she rarely has a student who logics out a situation to the extent that the brunette twin does.

We are proud of this trait and try to encourage it. Of course, the day is quickly coming when we won't be able to answer her questions. It's a good thing we're pretty good at Internet research.


Jacque said...

I love that. My bff with twins often posts that her daughter is on her 16480th question of the day :)

dcr said...

teach her to type so she can do her OWN internet research! just one small step in her PhD work.

hope all is well!