Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bathroom Accessory Designers Must Not Have Children

I recently saw the cutest shower curtain in the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue. It is based on the Dr. Seuss book "Red Fish Blue Fish." I mean it is soooooo cute. I immediately bought it and the matching bath rug. Both are in the girl's bathroom and are as cute as I had hoped.

We painted the room blue to freshen the whole look, then I decided it would be fun to get a new bathroom cup and soap holder. This was when I realized that the people who design bathroom accessories do not have children. And, the companies that market this stuff must be crazy.

Have you looked for bathroom cups lately? First of all they are stupidly expensive. Secondly, they are ceramic. Yes, someone sitting in an office decided it was a good idea to make children's bathroom cups in a breakable material. Duh!

I wasn't looking at the high end cups in high end stores. I was looking at the obviously-meant-for-a-child's bathroom stuff in a chain store known for its designer stuff at reasonable prices. (Okay, I was at Target.) I decided this was a fluke, so I looked at Kohl's. Same result. Then I looked at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I couldn't really find anything there that looked like it was meant for kids, but what I did find was either breakable or clear plastic.

I was not looking for anything fancy. I thought a cute cup with a fish or some other sea-related decoration would be cute. Who knew I was entering the retail dead zone?

I have been in marketing long enough to know that the field is ruled by 20-somethings without children who are considered "trend setters." Okay, I get that. What I don't get is how this stuff gets to the stores without someone saying, "Hey, I think it's probably not a good idea to make stuff for small children that might break and cut them." I would have thought that if nothing else, someone in the legal department would have said, "I think we have a liability issue here."

Okay, so I am biased here. The girls have been known to drop a few things here and there, but they are only five years old. I think dropping stuff is what five-year-olds are made to do. I talk to enough other Moms that I know our girls are not the only ones dropping stuff.

So, we're keeping the perfectly usable and matches well enough plastic bathroom cup for now. I'll try again in a few years when I probably won't care if the cup is plastic or not. Of course, you know that by then plastic bathroom accessories will be trendy.


Jacque said...

Walmart has a super cute clear colored line right now that is plastic that could probably match...they also have lots of fish stuff...also probably plastic :)

Nicki said...

I've noticed that too! I think maybe the idea is that a heavier cup will be harder to accidentally knock down or move around. Maybe you could get some fish stickers and decorate a plastic drinking cup, or something?

Rachel said...

I have seen some stuff at the $1 store.

I would try Walmart first.