Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Frustrating Conversation with the Postal Service

You know, as if having young twins and a full-time job doesn't keep me busy enough, I have the occasional unplanned interaction with complete idiots. Granted, I don't know they are idiots when I start the conversation. It is not until I'm actually immersed in the interaction that I realize I might as well be hitting my head against a wall.

Here is today's example.

We haven't received any mail at all for the past two days. I mean my mailbox is empty. Yesterday I just let it go. It seemed odd, but it was too late for me to call anyone. Today I went to talk to a couple of the neighbors. Everyone else received mail yesterday and today. My mailbox was still empty, so I called the local postmaster general.

Here is the reason our postmaster said I didn't get any mail for two days. Are you ready?

The economy is bad and people aren't mailing as much.

Really? This was the best he could come up with? I explained that we usually receive three to five pieces of mail every day. He said, "What do you want me to do? Create mail just for you?"

I ignored that remark and said, "If I don't get any mail tomorrow, who do I call? You? The police?"

He replied, "You want to call the police because you're not getting mail? Most people would be happy not to get any mail."

Then he asked if I wanted them to leave a note in my mailbox on days when we didn't have any mail. You know, just so we don't think they forgot about us.

Yeah, he's a charmer.

Of course, I could get mad, but why bother? I am just going to make sure that every possible thing I can is done online. I realize this will reduce our mail even more, but at least the computer doesn't make rude, sarcastic remarks when asked a simple question.


dcr said...

stupid people are bad enough. stupid, RUDE people are just too much some days. sorry you had to deal with this.

Ankur Kapil said...

its right........