Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer? What Summer?

I woke up today to the sound of rain on the windows -- again. So far since the girls have been out of school, it has been a cold, rainy summer. Oh, wait. I should say that it has been a cold, rainy summer and spring.

They start school again two months from today. I'm crossing my fingers that they actually make it into the pool before then. I mean they are taking swim lessons, so technically they are in a pool twice a week. What I want for them is the kind of running around with family on the pool deck and playing all afternoon in the water kind of pool days.

Given that we haven't hit 80 degrees yet -- and most days barely hit 70 -- it's not looking too good. Oh, I realize we'll have a nice day or two here or there, but it isn't enough.

If you live in Chicago, you know that the way we all survive January - March is by saying, "But it's so beautiful here in the summer." Okay, well, we do have the beautiful part down. Our garden looks fabulous. The rain has definitely been good for the flowers.

It's the warm weather we're missing. The "warm your bones so you can survive another cold winter" sunshine and heat. If you find it, let me know. I'm looking for it in Chicago this summer.


anymommy said...

I am missing this so much too. We had a week in the 80s and now back to 60/70 and raining. I want to bake. Get the rot out!

Jacque said...

I'm afraid I have jinxed us by purchasing season passes to our local water park in rockford...that of course we haven't been able to use yet! I'm off school the next two weeks, so here's hoping for several sunny 80+ days!!

Nicki said...

I know, it seems like summer has shifted about a month! These days, it seems like June is always kind of cold and rainy, but then it gets hot in July and stays hot through half of October! We should invent some sort of Daylight Savings TIme where we make May be 60 days long next year, so that June doesn't start until its officially hot out!