Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our First Pet

In our extended family, there are lots of pets on both sides. Mostly there are dogs, but the occasional gerbil or bird sneaks in. Our friends have lots of pets ranging from birds to frogs to dogs. For a while now, the girls have asked for a pet.

Last week, we gave in and joined the pet parade. Yes, the girls now have pets. Our generous, kind neighbors gave us 10 male guppies. About $50 worth of stuff later, we have a small fish tank.

Now, I'm not naive. It never occurred to me that the girls would take care of the fish. I always hear about people who say they added a pet to the family, but their child(ren) will take care of it.

Right. I always think, "What planet do you live on?" In the end, it is always the parents who take care of the pet. I took on the fish knowing the maintenance would be mine. I never once thought the girls would take care of the fish. They are good about getting up and feeding the fish, but that's it. I clean the fish tank and handle the rest of it. And, it's okay.

There is one important reason we started with fish. They are small, don't require much maintenance and have short life-spans. Sorry to be such a downer, but I didn't want a pet that would live for 10+ years. I'm happy to start with something that will entertain the girls for a while and then nourish our tomato plants.

If this goes well, we might move up to something larger. Or, maybe this will eliminate the girls' interest in a pet. Either way, they are official pet owners now and they love it.

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Nicki said...

Fish are definitely a good starter pet! Except for the fact that you can't cuddle with them, pet them, or play with them. At least it gives them the experience of taking care of something!