Monday, June 29, 2009

The Nail Polish Trick

The girls love nail polish. It fascinates them, especially when the older cousins and babysitters wear bright blue, green or orange on their fingers. I don't let them wear nail polish on their finger nails, but I do paint their toe nails. I have found this to be quite useful when I need them to sit still for ten or fifteen minutes.

I told them that they need to sit still until I tell them they can get off the chair otherwise their nail polish will smudge and I cannot fix it. Yeah, I know it's a scam, but it's a good one. Think about it. They get their toe nails done, which makes them feel grown up and I get a little peace. It's all good.

This weekend I needed 15 minutes of peace and quiet to get something done. I made a big deal out of painting their nails with two coats (!) of polish. The first coat was pink. The second was sparkley. Pink and sparkley? They were thrilled with the idea and cooperated fully with the process.

They sat still while I paint their nails and then admired their toes while they dried. The two of them just sat there chatting and trying to blow on their toes. Someone told them if you blow on your nails, they dry faster. Well, this might work on finger nails, but it doesn't work on toe nails. It's pretty funny to watch them try to do it.

When I told them they could move, they wanted me to double-check their toe nails to make sure. They weren't going to risk ruining pink, sparkley toe nails.

I realize this won't last forever, but I am certainly going to take advantage of it while I can. It is fun and works for all of us, so it's a great trick.


eatmisery said...

I find that they nail polish trick works wonders with my daughter and she's only 3!

Did I tell you I found out the twins I'm carrying are girls?

cindy w said...

Now that Catie is old enough to understand bribes, I paint her nails in exchange for her letting me trim them. We went to the drug store & picked out a bunch of 99-cent nail polishes in all kinds of wild colors. I paint both her fingers and toes - I'm not really a stickler about that stuff. She always wants a different color on each finger (one blue, one purple, one pink, etc.) so I think it's sort of funny. Less "little girl acting like a grown-up" and more "making an art project out of herself."