Friday, June 12, 2009

I Think I Would be Acquitted

I'm thinking about walking over to a neighbor's house, hitting her upside the head and saying, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

A neighbor girl lost her tooth. The tooth fairy brought her $15. No, that's not a typo. She received $15.

Our tooth fairy, who is named Sarah by the way, brings a single, dollar coin when our girls lose a tooth. So far they have been thrilled to receive the coin. This might change once they realize $15 is a lot more than their going rate.

I know you see the problem.

Yet, we like these neighbors. Our daughters play together all the time. When they built their new fence, they put in a back gate so the girls could run from house to house. Still, I would like to just melt down.

I realize I cannot really do this, but the temptation is strong. I keep thinking that even if I get arrested, all I need is a jury full of parents. They would understand and I would be acquitted of a crime.

I wouldn't really do it because it's just wrong and a very bad idea in so many, many ways. At least I have the satisfaction of letting it play out in my head, which preserves neighborhood harmony and avoids any legal ramifications.


Missy said...

WTH???? My kids get 50 cents, or a dollar if it is molar. $15. That is some kind of crazy.

Anonymous said...
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Julie K said...

My nearly 6 year old son is still waiting to lose his first tooth, but my thinking was that he'd get a golden Sacagawea dollar (at least for the first tooth). $15??? I'll give you a 2x4 for your neighbor, but that would make me an accomplice.

dcr said...

the tooth fairy at my house brought $5 for a front tooth and $1 for every other tooth. $15 per tooth will get REALLY expensive! maybe each house can have its own tooth fairy? let us know how you deal with this...

Danielle said...

Oh, I guess the dilemas in child raising never end. I am glad you only leave a $. Stand up for all of us "Normal people". Your neighbor is crazy and a good kick in the arse might just help.