Monday, May 18, 2009

What was That Mom Thinking?

Yesterday was the girls BALLET RECITAL. Yes, it was such a big event in our house that it deserves to go in all capital letters. It was THE BIG DAY.

After the girls performed their adorable routine, they hung out in a back stage room. As a Mommy helper, my job was to keep all the girls busy for the next two hours, until the finale. We were playing a game when a little girl came up and said, "I have to go potty."

As I'm walking her to the bathroom, she said, "I'm hungry. I haven't eaten anything." I responded, "Busy morning, huh?" She said, "No, I was puking all morning and Mom didn't want me to eat anything because she didn't want me to puke on stage."

Now I was making a mental note to wash my hands really well after I get her back in the classroom. I was also wondering, "What was she thinking?" By she, I mean the mom.

I realize the ballet recital is a big day, but as the mom, why would you let your sick, puking child out of the house? First, you're risking that she'll get sick on stage or back stage. Second, you are exposing all the other girls and parents to you child's illness. There must have been nearly 100 girls in the recital from 3 years-olds to teenagers.

I mentioned this to the dance program director, who said she would speak to the girl's mom. While I appreciate the effort, I know it won't do any good. Any mom who thinks she should send her puking daughter to a dance recital won't understand why we all think it is a bad idea.


pehpot said...

what was she thinking?!?

or she thinking at all?

this is the kind of mom that would shave her daughter's legs at the age of 7 LOL

Make or Break

cindy w said...

Maybe the puke was anxiety-related? In which case, maybe the parents need to re-evaluate exactly how big an emphasis they're putting on ballet.

Man. Poor kid.

Chris in NY said...

I absolutely agree with you, Cindy. It could have been anxiety related, which means the child has much bigger problems than vomit.

HOWEVER....Vomiting = staying home. End of story.