Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Welcome Addition to the Family

You know how you are never quite sure if the new person joining the family is going to fit or not? It's always that way whether your family lives in the same area or in different states.

My mother's side of the family is spread out in several states. When you first meet our family, it seems quite small, but there are lots of us. And, I have to say that for a family that always lived apart, we're actually pretty connected.

One of my youngest cousins was married this weekend. I met his new wife last summer at the family reunion and she seemed quite nice. She clearly loves him, so that's a big plus in my book. The thing is we haven't spent much time with her as they live in Florida. The reality is we won't all spend a lot of time together, but we'll see each other here and there.

I know she's a welcome addition to the family because of her friends. Her bridesmaids were so sweet and wonderful to our girls at the wedding and the reception. At the wedding, as we were waiting for the ceremony to start, several of the bridesmaids noticed the girls and commented on their outfits. The girls were so excited that the pretty ladies noticed them.

Later, at the reception, the girls and some of the other youngsters were the first ones on the dance floor. Within a few songs, several of the bridesmaids were dancing with them. The girls watched the bridesmaids' every move. They tried to dance like them. Later in the evening, the bridesmaids had several little girls on the side of the room giving them private dance lessons.

Let me just add that these women were in a room filled with good-looking, Ivy League educated, single men. They certainly could have found better things to do than dance with our girls.

If you can judge a person by their friends, then we're glad to have her as the newest addition to the family.

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pehpot said...

That was really nice of them, I believe your cousin is in very good hands.. as you say, you can judge a person through her/his friends. I am so happy for your cousin.

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