Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Power of Mommies

Our girls are too young to know who Chris Brown is or why his appearance on the Nickelodeon 2009 Kids' Choice Awards is causing such an outrage. Yet, I just signed the petition to remove Chris Brown from the show and as a potential award winner.

Since it reached the news in the last few days, the story has made its way through the vast and powerful Mommy network via blogs and email notes. If you aren't familiar with the details of the campaign, here is a story from E! Online Entertainment.

I decided to get involved in the petition when I heard a quote from a Viacom executive who said something to the effect of "it's not our decision. The children get to decide whether or not Chris should win the award." It's not an exact quote, but you get the point. As soon as I heard that, I went out on the web to find the petition.

I don't see any way that an (alleged) abuser should be held up as a role model and example for our children. Yes, I know he's known for his clean lyrics and family-friendly songs. This is why he was nominated. Once he was shown to be an abusive boyfriend (Really, do we have to continue to say alleged since it's all in the public now?) who beat and choked his girlfriend, then it's up to the adults to use a little common sense and say, "Hey, maybe he's not such a good role model."

One of our job as adults -- whether you have children or not -- is to protect children and either help them make good decisions or make the decisions for them. If Nickelodeon cannot figure out why it's wrong to leave Chris Brown up for the award, then it's our job as adults to explain it to them.

A big THANK YOU goes to Twittermoms, who spearheaded this campaign. I just saw a scroll at the bottom of CNN saying that Chris Brown has pulled out of the awards show, but that doesn't mean our work is done. Nickelodeon needs to understand that we're still watching to see if they pull him as a potential award nominee. If you haven't signed the petition yet, please do. It's not too late to voice your opinion.


Helene said...

I hope Nickoledean will follow through and pull him from the show and not give him the award. I don't care how clean his lyrics are, I totally agree with you that he is not a good role model for our kids, especially our sons!

Mom-O said...

Hi Shari, It's Marlene Linke, the TwitterMom who posted the petition on the TwitterMoms website. Just wanted to say "thank you" for your support. I've been Googling my name and/or the Twittermoms post because I have unfortunately started to receive threats. Yeah, just the down dirty side of being a conscientious parent! I use the same blog vehicle and was wondering how you were able to get your blog to show up on Google. I haven't been able to get mine to show up. By the way, I have twin boys!!! They're 8 years old. It's a blast isn't it?

Stitching Mama said...

I so agree!!

Anonymous said...

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