Monday, March 9, 2009

Next Year It's the Bus

I hate the preschool pick-up line. I am just not hard-wired to do this day in and day out. It's not the actual dropping off and picking up that I despise. Frankly, it's the other Moms (and yes, they are usually Moms) in the line.

It's not brain surgery. You follow the cones set-up in the school parking lot. When it's your turn, you let your children out of the car and walk them to the door. If you are picking up the darlings, you go to the door, buckle them in and drive away. How hard can this be? Well, apparently, it's too complicated for some self-absorbed Moms.

Here is what happens during a standard week:
  • Moms drive around the cones to get a better place in line. Ummm, great except now you are behind someone who still has children in the car, so you have to wait anyway.
  • Moms drive across the parking lot rather than exit through the designated location. Um, great except now the other Moms cannot get into the parking lot because you are trying to go out the entrance and you are blocking it so no one can get in.
  • Moms honk because you are not getting your kids back in the car quick enough. Okay, this mostly happens at pick-up time, but it's still obnoxious.
  • Moms drive around the parked cars to get to the front of the line -- never mind that they drive in the lane where the parents are walking with their children. They are in a HURRY.
  • Moms park their vehicles and decide to have a parent/teacher conference at the door. These Moms don't care that they are blocking the driveway for everyone else. There is something on their minds, so that takes precedence.
  • Moms have private conversations on their cell phones that we all get to listen to was we wait. Then they glare at the teachers who tell them they will not accept/release the children until they are off the phone.

I've talked to friends in school districts across the Chicago area and it's the same everywhere. I don't know if it's just another sign of the general rudeness taking over our society or if it's just that we suddenly think the world revolves around us.

The worst part is we see these parents at school functions and have to be polite to them. Most of the time I want to say something like, "Do you really think you're so important that you cannot wait for the rest of us to move?" I don't, although I do like to point out the idiots to my husband so we both get a quick laugh.

I deal with it in my own passive-aggressive way. I try to be the last Mom to drop-off and pick-up. I love this because I don't have to worry about the other, crazy Moms who honk because I cannot get my two in or out of the mini-van as quickly as they can move their one child. This means we're nearly late a lot, which I don't like.

Soon we have to decide what we're doing about next year's school transportation. Right now one girl REALLY wants to take the bus and the other waivers. We're not there yet, but I'm really working to convince her that taking the bus is a good idea.

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