Monday, March 16, 2009

Fewer Fake Ingredients = Better Food

Our girls live a pretty organic, vegetarian lifestyle. In large part, this comes from my experiences trying to conceive them. In an early conversation with our reproductive endocrinologist, he talked about how there is so much stuff in food -- hormones, steroids, antibiotics, etc. -- that interfere with our natural bodily processes. He suggested we remove as much of the artificial stuff as possible.

He mentioned the studies looking at the connections between early puberty in girls who drink/eat a lot of dairy products and artificial growth hormones in milk. He also talked about other possible health issues related to the hormones in meat. It made sense to me and decreasing hormones from our food was an easy step to make.

One of the big changes we made was to switch to milk products without any artificial growth hormones. I read every label to make sure the milk was as clean as possible. It wasn't always organic as several brands have been way ahead of the curve on this issue.

Today's USA Today story gives me hope that hormone free milk is moving towards becoming the norm, not a speciality item. Let's face it -- the companies are not doing this because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes for good public relations. They are receiving complaints from consumers and reacting to keep their customers happy.

No matter what the reason, I hope this is the start of a trend towards cleaner food. I know this will have long-term benefits for me, but I mostly hope it helps the girls live longer, healthier lives.

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