Saturday, March 28, 2009

Favorite Children's Toy

Nikki at Slow Down Gym Shoe tagged me for a meme about a favorite children's toy. She wrote about Wikki Sticks, which are soooo fun. We first discovered those at Grand Luxe Cafe in downtown Chicago where they give out small packets of Wikki Sticks to keep the kids entertained until the food arrives.

In our house, the favorite toy is something so old I actually played with it as a kid. The girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lincoln Logs. They will construct and deconstruct houses for hours.

I have to admit that I had doubts when my husband bought them Lincoln Logs for Christmas two years ago. Once the girls figured out all the things they could do the with Lincoln Logs, they were hooked. They will build entire villages, bring down some dolls, and play for hours.

My only complaint is that we need more of the long logs. I cannot seem to find a place to buy just parts of the set. We have lots of the small, connector type logs, but always seem to run out of the big ones. If I could find a few more long or medium logs, the girls would really be able to go crazy.


Julie K said...

Try garage sales! That's where I got my son's Lincoln logs. My son is SO into anything that is construction... lincoln logs, mega blocks and his all time fav are MagnaTiles (by Valtech). Expensive, but used nearly everyday in our house. It molds to whatever his toy of passion is (right now he's constructing a hanger for his star wars fighter jet). It's been a train track and stations, houses and garages for matchbox cars as well as just building towers. He's far more into these toys than anything with batteries (for now).

Nicki said...

I love Lincoln Logs too... that reminds me, I should get some for Little Bear and Pufferfish! Monkeyboy always had them when he was little, but I don't think the girls ever got them. They really are a timeless toy!