Monday, December 29, 2008

What I'll Miss about the Christmas Shows

Every year I wait for the Christmas shows. You know those animated specials with Rudolph, Santa, elves, the Snow Miser, etc. I always loved them. Once these shows start, it means that Christmas is on its way.

I know the animation is a bit dated (to put it mildly). Some of the scenes make me cringe, like when the male reindeer tell Clarissa and Mrs. Donner that they will search for Rudolph because, "this is man's work." Yet there is something about the shows that makes me feel like it's really the holidays.

Now that we have the girls, they love the shows. And, we love to sit with them between (or on) us and watch them. What's good about the shows now is not just the tradition we're passing along, nor is it the idea that we're sharing a part of our childhood memories with them.

The best part of watching these shows is making sure the brunette twin sits with her Daddy. As soon as the show starts, she starts.

If the Abominable Snowman is made of snow, why don't they just melt him?
Why does he have to eat? Snowmen don't eat.
How do they now the Abominable likes pork better than reindeer?
Yukon shouldn't put that stuff in his mouth. It's dangerous to put stuff in your mouth.
Why does Hermie want to be a dentist?

Who is Mother Nature?
Why don't we see her?
Why doesn't she tell her boys to behave?
Why does she look different in this show than she did in the last show?
Why is the Snow Miser Mr. Fun? Doesn't the Heat Miser have fun?

Why does that boy play the piano all the time?
Who is Beethoven?
Why does Lucy keep bothering him when he's trying to practice?
Why do the adults talk that way during the show?

She starts talking at the very beginning of the show and doesn't stop until the show is over. Even then, she has follow-up questions. It's hysterical. My husband is a quiet man. He likes to watch TV in peace and quiet. He usually pay attention to shows. If the brunette twin is watching with him, he doesn't get to watch the show. He spends his time answering the brunette twin's questions. Sometimes he doesn't get to finish one answer before she asks the next question.

I usually sit and quietly giggle during these shows. Daddy tries to convince the brunette twin to sit on my lap, but the blond twin is my shadow, so it's only natural that she sits on my lap. Plus, I convinced the brunette twin that Daddy knows all the answers when it comes to these shows. He gets so frustrated. He tries to convince her to watch the show and be quiet, but it never works. She has a million questions and he's the answer man.

It's not as if she only does this for the Christmas specials. She does it for every show. It's just that the shows are concentrated during December, so each one is a special bonus Christmas gift for me.

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This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

The brunette twin and my daughter would be great friends! lol My daughter does the same thing. :)