Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not the Most Indulgent

Cinderella's Ball follow-up...

Turns out I'm not the most indulgent Mom. Two families brought their princesses in a horse-drawn carriage. Now, that's indulgent.

Those families make my glitter look completely restrained.

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cindy w said...

If the girls want a little glitter and nail polish for a special occasion, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you let them dress up like that every day, I might consider that a tad self-indulgent. (I know a woman who does that with her 2 girls, and the kids don't understand what the fuss is about Halloween because they play dress-up every day. I think that's sort of sad.)

A horse-drawn carriage, though? I mean, WTF? Where do you even get a horse-drawn carriage in this day and age?

I'm curious to know if Dad and Grandpa did indeed come home covered in glitter. Also, how did you clean it up in your house?