Friday, December 19, 2008

No Holidays Here

We don't celebrate the holidays. We celebrate Christmas. My college roommate celebrates Hanukkah. Some neighbors celebrate Eid. Others don't celebrate anything religious this time of the year.

I send my nice Jewish college roommate a Christmas card. She sends us a Hanukkah card. You know what, we're both okay with it. The message we're sending is "I think of you as part of the extended family and wish you the same happiness as I wish the rest of the family."

No where in the transaction am I thinking, "Hey, I think she's trying to do something sinister by wishing me a Happy Hanukkah." I know she's not thinking, "Hey, she's trying to convert me to Christianity." We're just not that cynical about a simple greeting.

And, I hate the phrase happy holidays. What does that mean? I try to think it means "whatever you celebrate, I hope it is good." It's so generic though that I'm not sure it means anything.

We all talk about living in a multi-cultural world, but how can we learn anything about each others holidays and religions if we're always trying to make everything one? The girls had a party at school today. The kids celebrated numerous different holidays and they all talked about what they celebrate. They are too young to really understand the religious differences between the holidays. It was fun and innocent. Somehow they all survived the party with their own, individual traditions in tact.

So, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope December 25 is a day filled with friends and family.


Marketing Mommy said...

I agree that in a multi-cultural world, we should acknowledge all the holiday traditions instead of merge them into one generic 'holiday.' I just wrote about it over at (Saying Farewell to Christmakkuh).

tashabud said...

I'm with you on this 100%. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family.


Julie K said...

I use Happy Holidays because I rarely get my cards out in time for Christmas... there're more like Happy New Year cards. Using Happy Holidays covers up my procrastination.