Friday, December 5, 2008

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

If I want to test how badly the girls want to do something, I tell them they must take quiet time or else they cannot go. (We used to call it a nap, but they are waaaaayyyyyy too old for that now.) From the moment they came home from school today, the girls kept asking when they could take quiet time.

Today is not just any day. Today is Cinderella's Ball. Because I am a completely over-indulgent Mom, I bought clear glitter nail polish and white glitter for their hair. Yes, I spoil them and I admit it. After all, this is the Royal Ball. I think princesses always need a little glitter for the Royal Ball.

So we painted their nails, curled their hair and put hair spray in to keep the glitter in place. Yeah, you already know that last part didn't work out very well. There is glitter everywhere in our house. It's amazing how much of a trail a little glitter can leave throughout the house.

The girls have beautiful dresses (bought on resale, of course) and sparkly shoes (thank you Target!) to complete the outfits. They are just glowing with excitement. The questions are coming fast and furious. What will the other princesses wear? Will there be a prince? What songs will they hear? How will they know when to dance?

Daddy and Grampa are taking the girls to the Ball. They didn't start off wearing any glitter, but I doubt they will come home without a load of glitter on them. I figure it's part of the magic that accompanies a Royal Ball. Luckily, Daddy and Grampa are as indulgent as I am, so a little glitter won't ruin their night. The girls are our princesses, and tonight they truly feel like it.

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