Friday, December 26, 2008

Fairy Princess Magic

We took the girls to Macy's on State Street on Christmas Eve for lunch at the Walnut Room. We're veterans so we arrived early to pick up our pager. We thought we'd have plenty of time to wander the store, look at the decorations and enjoy the festive spirit before eating lunch. You know the economy is bad because there wasn't a line. We walked up and sat down. If you have ever tried to have lunch at the Walnut Room during the Christmas season, you know that never happens.

The waiter was great. He talked to our girls for quite a while before taking our order. He asked their names, ages, etc. He made a point of asking who was the oldest twin. The girls basked in the attention. Then we saw the Fairy Princess. She wore a green dress with a crown and wand. She was flitting from table to table talking to the children. She asked each child to make a wish and tapped her on the head with some fairy dust. (You might call it glitter, but our girls insisted it was special fairy dust, so let's go with that.) The boys weren't as interested, but the girls were star struck.

Of course, as soon as the meals arrive, our girls had to go to the bathroom. We walked towards the ladies room when the Fairy Princess ran up to us and said, "Wait, are you blond twin and brunette twin? I've been looking for you. I just talked to Santa and he said I had to look for you."

I thought the girls would pass out right there. They couldn't move. They couldn't speak. They just stood there staring with wide eyes and huge smiles. The Fairy Princess talked to the girls for a few minutes and sprinkled fairy dust on their heads -- and mine. Later the Fairy Princess took a few minutes to take photos with the girls. She remembered their names and talked for a bit longer. The girls glowed.

We watched her work her magic on every table in the room. It was a full room, even if there wasn't a long waiting line. She made every child feel like the center of her universe. She charmed the children and the parents.

If you see the Fairy Princess, please tell her the twin's parents send a great big THANK YOU. Her magic will bring us back to the Walnut Room next year.

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This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Wow, that sounds like fun. My daughter would have LOVED something like that, since she is all about princesses. :)