Sunday, November 9, 2008

We're Raising a Valley Girl

Like, my gosh, I'm not sure when it, like, happened, but it turns out, like, we're raising a valley girl. I don't know, like, how it, like happened, but oh my gosh, the blond twin is a valley girl.

I noticed it a few weeks ago, but it seems to be getting worse lately. I swear she uses the word "like" as every fourth or fifth word. It's both really cute and really strange. I don't even know where she picked it up. None of the nieces say "like" all the time, so I can only assume she picked it up at school.

I started listening this weekend and I don't hear the brunette twin say "like." Wherever the blond twin picked up the word, it didn't stick to the brunette twin. Not only does the blond twin use it, she does it with the correct inflection.

It's like she's channeling some the 1980s. When she starts rolling, she even includes the big smile and hair flip. It's so natural for her that I'm not even sure she realizes she's doing it. I'd try to reduce the "likes" in our house, but it's so cute when she does it. I realize it would be a bad thing for her to do when she's in the corporate world. Right now, though, it is, like, completely adorable.

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tashabud said...

Hello Shari,
My daughter talked the same way until this year. I noticed the absence of the word. She still talks with "like" but only when the word has to be there. Perhaps, my daughter came to realization that in a matter of few more months, she'll be a professional engineer that if she wants to be taken seriously by employers and clients, she needs to talk more maturely and professionally.

I know what you mean. At your daughter's age, valley talk sounds so cute. Don't worry, just like in the case of my daughter, your daughter will not be talking like that forever.