Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seeking Immunity

For a house full of healthy people, all we do lately is go to the doctor. The girls are both sick and on antibiotics. The scary thing is they don't have anything they could pass to each other.

First the brunette twin started complaining that she wasn't feeling well. I received a call from school asking me to pick her up. We took her to the doctor and came home with a prescription for a typical childhood infection.

A week later, the blond twin woke up in the middle of the night complaining about her ear hurting. During the day she was fine, but she's wake up at night. My husband (with his great memory) said, "She always does this when she has an ear infection. We should take her to the doctor to check." You know what happened next, she came home with a prescription.

Now I'm wondering how it is that our two, healthy daughters can both be on antibiotics for infections? We have two sets of medicines with different instructions and dosages. We need a spreadsheet to figure it out. Who gets what when? For how long?

Really, they are healthy girls. For the most part, you'd never know they are sick. They girls are running around having a good time like normal. I swear it's some kind of really, really strange coincidence that they are both sick.

Now we have to take them back for follow-up visits. From start to finish (at least I hope it's the finish), we'll be at the doctor's office once a week for five weeks. I'm crossing my fingers that we find some real immunity before the winter illnesses start spreading through the schools. I think we've done our time in the doctor's waiting room for the year.

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