Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Maybe An Education Isn't Such a Good Thing

We're driving Saturday morning when the blond twin looks at my newspaper and said, "The Big what? I cannot see that word." I realized she was looking at a headline that said, "The Big Move." Of course, there's nothing wrong with that headline, but we realize now there's a downside to school.

We are having a harder time having "secret" conversations in front of the girls. We used to just spell words, but now that they can spell, it's harder to use that tactic to keep a secret. Of course, they cannot spell big words yet, so that's our saving grace at the moment. The problem is we often cannot think of big words to use in place of common words. And, even if we can come up with one, we probably cannot spell it.

We used to speak in code. You know how it goes. Santa is the guy in the red suit. Ice cream is the cold, white stuff. The doctor is the MD. Even that doesn't work as well now that they are a little older and more aware.

I've tried to write notes so I remember to tell my husband things after the girls go to bed. The problem there is by the time they are asleep, I forget that I've written the note. We tend to be okay "talking" via email, but then we actually have to do that whole work thing, which gets in the way of everything else.

It's not going to get any easier as they get older and smarter. We need to work out a new system. One that we'll remember and be able to sustain for a while -- or at least until their education catches up to us.


Jacque said...

Sadly pig latin worked for us ;)

Missy said...

Ha! So we are not the only parents who use pig latin! That worked for us too. Also we occasionally use a smattering of the high school French we are able to remember.

Nicki said...

You should learn "Obble" talk! My sister and her best friend made it up when they were kids, and now I sometimes use it too... and even my 11-year-old nephew understands it enough to communicate without having his 5-year-old sister understand!
Here is an example of the word "WOBBLE" spelled out in "Obble" talk.
Wobble. O. Bobble. Bobble. Lobble. E.
Get it?

cindy w said...

Funny, I was going to suggest either pig latin or maybe that you and your husband learn a second language. That way, the girls will be motivated to learn what you're talking about and then hey, they'll be bilingual! Bonus!

Beyond that, I don't know. Maybe y'all should go sit in the car together where they can't eavesdrop on you and have your own little childproofed husband-and-wife meetings.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I often wish I spoke another language so I could communicate with my hubby without our 'too-smart-for-her-own-good' 6 year old being able to understand everything!