Monday, November 17, 2008

Maintenance Mode

It's Monday, so that means our house goes into maintenance mode. Since I started working full time again, all our during-the-week activities relate to just keeping things going. If we all wake-up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, and get to work/school on time, the day is going well. Those are our priorities for our weekdays -- just getting the normal things taken care of each day. We don't try to fit in other activities like going to the grocery store or shopping for presents. Those activities fill our weekends.

You'd think that I could get more done because I work from home, but I don't. Between taking care of the girls and trying to get my eight hours done each day, my day is full. Once in a while I can fit in an extra trip to the post office or a visit from a friend, but not often. I was talking to a friend who liked the description of "maintenance mode." She said her family does the same things. Between school, work and extra-curricular activities, there is not time for anything else.

In our house, we start Monday with a clean house and full fridge. By Friday, I have a big pile of mail I haven't looked at and we're scrounging for dinner. Really, you cannot believe the strange combinations of food I can put together and call dinner. Too often dinner looks quite like it did the day before. "No, last night we have peanut butter and jelly with apples. Tonight it's grilled cheese sandwiches with apples." By Friday, it all seems to make sense.

Before I worked, I used to run all the errands during the week, so our weekends were free for fun. My mission was to make sure we didn't have any "work" to do Saturday and Sunday. Even though that's not possible any more, we still fit in some fun. It's not all work, but it's a different balance.

Maintenance mode reminds me of the days when the girls were first born. We had small goals then -- feed everyone, make sure everyone stayed safe, and get some sleep on occasion. Even though the girls are older now, maintenance mode is still in force. The funny thing is our girls aren't even in that many activities right now, so most of our friends keep saying, "Get used to it. It only gets busier!" Looks like maintenance mode might be a permanent state of being in our house.


Stitching Mama said...

I hear ya. I don't work but it is always hectic around here. I would love to be about to find something to make money from home.

I'm just curious... if you don't mind me asking... what do you do from home? Do you work for a company or do you sell items?

Stitching Mama said...

Ooops... meant able not about... I'm

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Oh good, its not just me! I definitely feel like I am in that "just-get-through-it" maintenance mode thing too!