Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out and VOTE

The US elections are today. More than any other election, this is about our children. This is the first election our twins have been old enough to influence my thinking about a specific candidate. They are five, so the last election we were too tired to think critically.

Now, I am clear that this election is about our children. There is a story in USA Today that illustrates one of my main election issues and why I think it is so important for people to vote in all elections at all levels.


Our girls attend the public school district. One of the reasons we live in our area is because we have good, solid public schools. We live in middle-class America, and quite honestly, some people are surprised that our schools are so good. Why shouldn't we have good public schools? Why should a quality education be limited to only the affluent suburbs?

This is where your local vote is so important. Let's face it, US Presidents have very little influence on your child's neighborhood school. It's great that they have visions and plans, but the people who actually implement those visions are your local school board, local elected officials, and state elected officials.

There is an estimate that 85% of registered voters in the US will vote today. I hope they take a moment to vote all the way down the ballot. It's important to elect the best US President, but it's equally as important to elect the correct people for the local school board, local Mayor, etc.

We all talk about wanting to give our children a better future. Today's the day you can make that happen.

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