Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Taking Notes and Asking Questions

The brunette twin has an ongoing science project this summer. She is carefully observing her 18-year-old cousin and her boyfriend. Whenever she spends time with Samantha, the brunette twin comes back with a lot of questions. Here are some favorite moments so far:

  • Samantha was wearing her boyfriend's pj bottoms. The brunette twin observed that she didn't think Gaven's pants would fit her.
  • When Samantha showed the girls a photo of her boyfriend, the brunette twin told me she needed a photo of Gaven for her purse.
  • Samantha talked about going to dinner with her boyfriend. The brunette twin wanted to know how old she and Gaven had to be before they went out to dinner alone.
  • A conversation about driving led the brunette twin to ask how long before she and Gaven could drive to school.
  • A casual comment by Samantha about talking to her boyfriend daily led the brunette twin to start "talking" to Gaven daily on her (pretend) princess phone.
  • The girls are both excited because they get to see their boyfriends this Friday. Samantha's boyfriend is coming back from vacation. Gaven is coming over for a play date. Both girls are planning their outfits.
It's like a flash forward in time. I am glad she has a good teacher, as Samantha is an intelligent, independent girlfriend. I am little afraid though, when I realize she'll be ready to date long before I'm ready for her to date.

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