Sunday, July 20, 2008

No More Stories about Angie and the Twins

I realize she is one of the top celebrities in the world, but I'm already tired of Angie and the twin babies. Seriously, this story is being covered as if it is actually important. Hundreds of twins are born every day. Why do we care about these two people having children?

All the coverage is another sign that our priorities are out of whack. Who cares where these twins are delivered? Who cares who the doctor is who delivered the twins? I saw a report that said he was a French, Jewish doctor. Is there some reason his religion is important?

Why don't we give as much attention to the average, middle class American family delivering twins? We didn't find a news crew outside the hospital when our twins were coming home. Is there some reason we're not newsworthy?

Yes, I know the twins have big-time celebrities for parents. The problem with all the news coverage whenever a celebrity pops out twins is that it make having twins seem like the trendy thing to do. No one talks about all the hard work that comes with twins because they all have a full staff to handle each and every moment of every day. I realize that a staff comes with the money they have, but it also comes with the implicit statement that having twins is easy.

Here's what I'd like to see. How about a story contrasting the life of a celebrity twins' Mom and the average, middle-class twins' Mom? Let's talk about how average families afford the formula, diapers, clothing, etc. How about making parenting infant twins sound as amazing as it is for hands-on parents? How about a story about what celebrities are missing by having nannies raise their children? Stories celebrating the crazy, wonderful world of real twins are stories I'd watch.

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