Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's My Turn

Now, before I start this, let me say my husband is a wonderful, involved father. I have no complaints most of the time. It's the middle of the night stuff, though, that I'd like to share a bit more.

This came up again this week because the blond twin has a cold. She's been coughing (or hacking up a lung as we like to say) a lot at night. She's been up a lot at night, so I've been up a lot at night.

Notice I said I've been up at night. It's not that my honey isn't willing to get up. It's just that he doesn't hear her -- at all. (And, it's not selective hearing on his part. He really is sleeping.) I always say that if there's an emergency in the middle of the night, the blond twin and I will have to wake up my husband and the brunette twin. Those two sleep through everything.

In the morning, when I tell him I was up for hours with the blond twin, he always says, "Wake me up next time. It's my turn." And, he's right, but here's the problem in my mind.

I'm going to wake up first. If it's his turn, I'll wake him up. He'll take care of the blond twin and then we'll all go back to sleep. See the problem? If he goes to take care of the blond twin, it's not like I'm going to roll over and go back to sleep. All three of us will be awake while she's coughing and crying. What's the point of that?

I'd like to turn over sick duty to Daddy, but if he's sleeping, at least one of us will be rested in the morning. He's right. It is his turn. There's just no point to making him take his turn.


Julie K said...

Middle of the night might be made for the Mamas, but my sister-in-law had an interesting way to 'remind' my brother (who wakes for NOTHING) when it was his turn to get up early on Saturday or Sunday morning with the kids... she'd put her feet on his rump and push him out of bed. Hitting the floor usually did the trick of waking him up.

tashabud said...

Shari, you're way too conscientious. I'm sure your hubby appreciates not being awaken. I was a stay-home-mom until my last child started kindergarten, so I pretty much did the waking up in the middle of the nights.

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