Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hiking Lessons

Here are some things I learned after a long weekend at Starved Rock, one of our beautiful state parks:
  • The daughter who whines when you walk all around the grocery store will be a trooper on the trails as long as she can pick our her own "super cute" hiking outfit.
  • Always pack more snacks than you think you need.
  • The daughter who can play all day and never stop will whine on the trail.
  • After you get lost on the trail, your daughters will always question your ability to read a map.
  • Sometimes a 3 mile hike requires a call to find your way back.
  • The bridge that seems to go nowhere is often the quickest way back.
  • Bug spray is the best thing ever invented.
  • Waterfalls require lots of rain. Somehow all the Midwest rains missed Starved Rock.
  • Horse trails are only fun if you are on a horse.
  • Nature is amazing.

1 comment:

tashabud said...

Shari, at least now you're more prepared for the next hiking trip. I'm impressed that the twins were able to hike 3 miles.

BTW, thanks for visiting my blogsites. I have a small following for my novel, and they can't seem to wait for my new postings. They fuel my desire to finish it, for I had ignored it for quite sometime until just recently.

Enjoy your next hiking trip.