Friday, July 18, 2008

Fairy Foals In Our House

Right now our house is filled with Fairy Foals. We have been reading the book, and the girls are so enchanted that the tiny horses have started flying around our house. Luckily, a generous neighbor already stocked the playroom with miniature horse toys. Once her daughter outgrew the pretty ponies, they joined our toy box.

Fairy Foals is the story of an artist who discovers a secret world of tiny horses. She draws them, write poems about them, and tells their stories. It's delightful. The girls have their favorite horses, and have even named other toys after some horses.

I know the girls enjoy the story because it has become part of their daily play. I like the beautiful pictures and poems. Any time I can expose the girls to art, without sounding like it is a stuffy and serious lesson, it's a good thing.

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