Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Hum

We had our first 80+ degree day yesterday. I opened my windows waiting to hear the birds chirping and neighbor children playing. Instead, I heard air conditioners humming. Why?

We spend the entire winter cooped up with the heat running. We talk about how we want warmer weather and nice breezes. Yet, as soon as the weather gets warm -- even if only for one day -- we have to turn on the air conditioner? Really?

Yes, I know that some people run their air conditioners to keep their allergies or other breathing problems under control. I doubt that is the case for all these people.

It wasn't stifling hot. There was a great breeze. The heat didn't peak until mid-afternoon, and quickly cooled. It was a glorious early summer day. Why is there such a quick reaction to weather that as soon as it is a little warm we have to turn on the air conditioner? How about putting on shorts and a t-shirt and enjoying the warm weather?

The girls spent the day outside playing, just like they should on a beautiful summer day. They walked with a cousin around a lovely lake in a local nature preserve. They played in the backyard with the neighbor children. It never occurred to me to turn on the air conditioner. When they were hot, we ate freeze pops and drank lemonade.

Today it is supposed to be about 70 degrees. I suppose the same people who had their air conditioners on yesterday will turn on the heat today to make sure their homes are always the perfect temperature.

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