Thursday, June 19, 2008

Slow Down and Enjoy

Now that we're in the midst of the girls' summer activities, I'm feeling a bit overscheduled. Our rule is they can only do one thing a day. At their age, most activities are one hour, so it's not like they are booked all day. Most of the stuff is just fun. The library is having story time in the park. A local nature preserve is having a "sunshine and shadows" program. There are also swim lessons and cheerleading camp.

We're also trying to make the baseball rounds. The nieces and nephews playing baseball are nearly done with their seasons -- and we haven't seen them all play once yet. Who starts a baseball season in April and ends it in June? It's not even warm here until mid-May!

It's all summer fun, but I'm still feeling rushed to get in all the warm weather activities we can. We live in Chicago, so the memory of cold, dark days is fresh. I want to spend as much time playing in the back yard as possible. It's like I want to capture every minute of summer we can.

Still, there is something very appealing about this CNN story about slowing down.

Take Back Your Time promotes slowing down spending more time with family and friends, and less time working. TimeBanks allows you to trade activities with other members to create more downtime in your life and theirs.

I supposed everyone needs to define how much they want to slow down. I feel like the girls have plenty of time to just play most days. There is something about summer, though, that seems to increase the number of activities we do individually and as a family.

I spend most days nagging my husband to go out and golf. It's Chicago for goodness sake. The golf season is really short. Every weekend he doesn't golf is one less that he can do something he enjoys. I just want to go out and walk or bike. I know I should be spending more time in the gym, but I just want to be outside.

Of course, once the weather does get colder and we bunker down trying to stay warm, we'll all want to be more active! No matter how many fun activities we think about doing, the middle of January just always seems like the perfect time to hibernate.

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