Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Disgusting New Habit

I don't remember when it started, but I have developed a disgusting new habit. I talk with food in my mouth. It's not as if I have something interesting to say. The things that come out of my mouth always sound the same:

"Get your hair out of the food."
"Don't wave your spoon around with food on it."
"Get the fork away from your eye."
"Move your glass away from the edge of the table."
"Don't lean back on the chair."
"Keep your sleeve out of your food."

I keep trying to chew and swallow as fast as possible so I don't talk with food in my mouth, but it doesn't seem to work. At least once a meal something happens that requires immediate attention. So far the girls haven't noticed, but once they do it will be all over for me. One day I'll say, "Don't talk with food in your mouth." They'll say, "But you do it."


Beth said...

LOL, I have this problem with Isabel, where she says "But you do it" to me about several things. Like how I call crappy drivers "stupid idiots" and then tell her not to say "stupid"....or how I will smack her daddy on the shoulder sometimes when he teases me or annoys me....but I tell her its not ok to hit people.

I just want to say: you know what, I had to follow my mom's rules while watching her break some of them...now its MY turn to be the rule breaker! lol

Nicki said...

I've been lectured for that by kids too! It is gross, but when you're taking care of kids, if you had to choose between chewing or talking, you'd either never get to eat, or there would be kids at the table with forks sticking out of their eyeballs!