Thursday, June 5, 2008

College Bound

We live close to a community college which runs great, inexpensive youth programs. I've been waiting for the girls to be old enough to enroll them in classes there. Finally, this summer they can take classes.

There are so many really fun things they can do, but we decided to start with one class. If we like it we can consider other classes in the future. The best part? The girls needed a book, so off we went to the college bookstore. When we walked into the building, I had flashbacks of my college days, when I'd wander around looking for my books. There were signs all over reminding students to sell their books back at the end of the semester. All I could think was "HA!" Whenever I tried to sell a book back the bookstore wouldn't take it because there was a new edition coming out next semester.

The funniest thing was I needed help finding the book -- just like the old days. I couldn't figure out which book was for their class. The girls proudly carried their books to the cashier. At $2,99 each, they had the least expensive books I ever bought in a college bookstore.

The girls take their class very seriously. What goes in their backpacks? What if they need to sharpen their pencils? Who take them to the bathroom? There are lots of questions about this class.

We weren't in the bookstore long, but I kept having flashbacks to my college days. And, I kept flashing forward with the realization that all too soon we'll be looking at colleges for them.

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Julie K said...

There's a new sign on a major corner near the house (within a couple of miles) that announces the local community college will be building an extension campus... so maybe next year I'll have the 'bookstore' experience with my son. I LOVE community college classes for me, and I'm hoping they have some good classes for his age.