Monday, May 5, 2008

Who is Older?

The eldest child always thinks he/she had it harder than the younger siblings. Well, researchers found it's not a myth. It really happens. I'm the eldest child in my family, and the eldest grandchild on both sides, so I know this story from MSN is true

What I don't know is how this will play out with our twin girls. The blond twin is technically older, but the brunette twin is slightly bigger. As soon as the brunette twin grew taller than her sister, the blond twin started treating her as the boss. In fact, the brunette twin takes on all the stereotypical features of the oldest child, especially being responsible. The blond twin cannot move without her sister becoming the safety patrol. The brunette twin monitors everything her sister does and reports any safety infractions immediately.

The blond twin gets too close to the road (oh, say four or five feet away) and the brunette twin drags her back. The blond twin puts something near her mouth and the brunette twin reminds her not to put anything except food in her mouth. The blond twin not only had a built-in playmate and best friend, she has her own personal safety monitor.

One day the blond twin will understand what it means to be the older sister. I wonder how the roles will change then.

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