Thursday, May 22, 2008

Walking Distance

When we bought our house, one of the things I really liked was that we could walk to the elementary school, parks, recreation center, and library. At the time I had fantasies of a Mayberry-style life where we'd all walk everywhere as one happy family.

Now I'm glad we live so close because gas just hit $4.19 a gallon at the gas station down the block. I drive a mini-van and it costs nearly $100 to fill the tank. Instead of walking for health and relaxation, we'll be walking as a money-saving measure. We'll also be improving our health, so it's not a bad thing we won't be driving as much.

I do have to admit that gas prices do play into the activities the girls will participate in this summer. There are so many fun things they could do, but most of the things they will do are within a mile or two of our house. If I can find activities at the library, recreation center, or local community college, it's even better as each of those places is within a few blocks of our house.

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