Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is a prom dress?

Where were this girl's parents? Or perhaps another responsible adult? She had this dress custom-designed, which means someone saw it before she tried to wear it to a high school dance.


She, of course, thought it was perfectly appropriate. Her friends thought it was great. Luckily, some adult realized it was a bathing suit and not a prom dress. She wasn't allowed to participate in the dance. After she was refused entry, she started a fight in the hotel, demanding to know why her dress wasn't appropriate and demanding her money back. Yeah, like a school administrator was going to write her a check in the hotel lobby.

I doubt our girls will be allowed to wear a bathing suit that skimpy, let alone a prom dress. This is just another case of absentee parenting. It's sad for the child because she grows up not understanding what is appropriate and when. It's sad for society because she's another example of how absentee parenting leads to bad behavior. It's just sad.

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