Monday, May 19, 2008

SuperNanny Auditions

The television show SuperNanny held auditions in Chicago this weekend. According to news reports, the auditions were packed. I realize lots of people want their 15 minutes of fame, but really, do you want those 15 minutes to be on SuperNanny? A show that tells the entire world that you are a completely incompetent parent who has no control over your own children? A show based on the fact that you cannot maintain a decent household? A show that lets millions of people laugh at your stupidity? Are we really that desperate for attention?

I haven't seen an entire episode, but the snippets I've seen are scary. Children who spend their time throwing food at their parents. Parents who have children screaming and swearing at them. Children who run the household. It's just sad for the children because they are the products of bad parenting. It's scary to watch adults turn to SuperNanny and ask for help. This isn't brain surgery. It's basic parenting. If you let your children run all over you, they will. A little discipline goes a long way.

I cannot imagine any reason I would look at my husband and say, "Honey, the girls are so out of control, I think we should try to get on TV and see if SuperNanny will be able to restore order in our house." Luckily, hundreds of other families completely lack any self-respect, so millions of viewers will be able to watch, laugh, and feel better about their own families. No family is perfect, but I don't know anyone self-absorbed and desperate enough to ask SuperNanny for help.


cindy w said...

Hi Shari, I found your site through the Blogher ad links on my site. About SuperNanny: I watch the show because I really like Jo Frost and I think she's got some clever ideas for things that a lot of parents might not think of (i.e., getting rid of your toddler's pacifier via the "Paci Fairy" - sort of like the tooth fairy, complete with a reward for the kid).

And there are some parents that I genuinely feel sorry for, like the woman a couple of weeks ago who was a total basketcase because her husband was deployed in Iraq and she couldn't focus on her kids because she was so worried about him. But there are also parents that are just genuinely stupid people who don't have a clue about establishing boundaries with their kids. So, you know, it can go either way. But yeah, I can't imagine ever calling her in for help either. Way too embarassing.

Nicki said...

I agree with you there. Its too bad someone doesn't start a private business where they could do the same thing (go into homes for a few days, observe, and help restore order) without putting it on national TV for all to see!