Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shift Happens

Here's a great video link that explains how most parents feel about today's educational system. It's not that we don't feel like our children are receiving a decent education, it's that most of the time the education is outdated before it's completed. How do you mix what you need to know for a world that doesn't exist yet with what will help you learn to think in a way that you can adapt as required. It's a problem that has always existed, but the speed at which technology changes magnifies the problem.

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Julie K said...

Rather than worry about kids learning specific high-level things/technologies, I think the trick is to teach them the basics of the technology. The more important lessons are for them to learn How to learn (for them to be lifelong learners)... How to reason things out (e.g. using the scientific method of controlling variables when testing hypothosis)... How to find the information they need... How to organize the information they have (for consistent retrieval)... How to collaborate... How to rebound from failure (the best teacher of all). The only thing that's EVER been constant in the history of man is CHANGE.