Friday, May 9, 2008

Secrets of the Heart

I know what I'm getting for Mother's Day because I handed my husband a sales insert and pointed it out. I asked for a pair of crocs and some jibbets to make it easier to slip on shoes every time I need to leave the house. The girls and Daddy went shopping at the correct store, so I'm guessing the crocs are in the house. You'd think this might dampen the excitement, but it doesn't. It actually creates a new level of fun.

My husband talked to the girls about keeping a secret and how they are not allowed to tell Mommy what she's getting for Mother's Day. They have taken this responsibility very seriously -- or at least a seriously as four-year-old twins can.

Every time I tell them to put on their crocs, they look at each other and giggle. One day I mentioned it would be nice to have shoes to slip on because it would be easier to get out of the house. They started whispering and laughing.

The other day I asked what I was getting for Mother's Day. They responded, "A box of horseradish and old socks." Then they both looked at each other and giggled again. (In our house whenever you ask about a gift, we make up some crazy combination that usually includes horseradish. You'll have to ask my husband why horseradish is always included.)

Now they have taken to teasing me. The brunette twin said, "Mom, what do you want for Mother's Day?" I gave my standard answer, "Hugs and kisses from my babies." She said, "Well, you're getting a purple paper, an old shoe, horseradish, snowflakes, and ribbons." Then the two girls fell onto the floor laughing and whispering.

To their credit, they have not told me what my real gift is. They work hard to make up silly answers and not blurt our the truth. It is so much fun to know their secret and to see them work so hard to keep it. When I open the package on Mother's Day, I promise to be completely surprised.


Jacque said...

I love this post! My bff has 5 year old twins and what one doesn't think of, the other sure does. I love the horseradish gift! How great to raise your babies with such a great sense of humor!

tashabud said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day to you. Having to work this weekend (night shift) I slept most of the day. My family still remembered my day and gave me cards and presents. They want to take me out for dinner, but I said I wanted to sleep, instead.