Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rainy Day Blues

It's been raining all day. By rain I mean downpours that are causing streets to flood, plus high winds that bend trees. Yeah, it's the perfect Mother's Day. In our house, it is.

The girls are so excited about Mother's Day this year because they understand it. They have been making cards and giving "you're the best Mommy" hugs and kisses for days. They managed to keep the BIG secret until yesterday when the blond twin blurted out, "If you go to the store, don't buy Crocs!" The brunette twin gave her "the look." The blond twin looked panicky and said, "You're not getting Crocs for Mother's Day, but still don't buy any shoes." I pretended to not to hear it.

The girls started the day by bringing me presents in bed. They really wanted to serve breakfast in bed, but the clean up on that would have been enormous. Now I wish we had eaten breakfast in bed, but at the time it seemed better to wait until we came downstairs. We went to brunch and walked through a beautiful garden -- yes it was still raining, although only lightly at this point.

Now we're waiting for Gramma and Grampa to come over for dinner. It will be the perfect ending to a perfect day.

The crocs are light blue. Of course, I think they are perfect.

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