Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ode to Trader Joe's

When you have young children, your goal is to get a few things done and keep them busy. Luckily for us, we live near a Trader Joe's grocery store. I happened upon Trader Joe's shortly after it opened as I was looking for some organic baby food. The store didn't carry it, but it did have lots of other kid-friendly attributes which brought us back time and time again.

First, the store has preschool-size shopping carts. From the time the girls were about 18 months old, I'd go to the store just to get them out of the house. The fact that I could pick up groceries and keep them busy was a bonus. The girls would spend an entire morning wandering around Trader Joe's pushing the little carts.

Second, the people are really nice. By this I mean both the employees and the customers. When the girls were toddlers, and didn't have as much control, they would occasionally run into another shopping cart -- or shopper. People always spoke with a smile when they saw toddler twins trying to manage the carts. The employees are equally patient and cheerful. The employees often offered the girls snacks (after checking with me, of course) and drinks.

Third, the store has balloons. I don't need to explain how much small children love balloons. The girls walked out of the store like they won the lottery. They'd play with the balloons in the van and in the house. The best part is the balloons lose the helium overnight, so we would throw them away in the morning.

We still spend a lot of time at Trader Joe's. The food is good. The prices are good. The people are good. What's not to like?

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Amy said...

I completely agree with you about TJ's! I'm glad to hear there is one near your house! I'll be stopping there in July!