Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Little Things

We spent a few wonderful, sunny days in Lake Geneva to kick-off our summer. It was wonderful, as always. We're lucky because we have friends who live up there. When they go on vacation, we house sit. The house is right across the street from one of the lakes in the area. It's beautiful and relaxing.

During our weekend, we went to Chocolatefest in Burlington, WI, where the girls giggled and screamed on the carnival rides. We roller skated down the lakefront. We fed the geese and ducks all our stale bread. We played in the sand on the beach. We blew bubbles off the front deck. We took them for ice cream after they put on their pajamas. We walked out on the piers looking for snapping turtles.

Today I asked, "What was your favorite part of the weekend?" They replied, "Sleeping in our princess sleeping bags." It made me smile. Of all the things we did, the thing they liked best was "camping out" in their sleeping bags. Of course, they only slept in the princess sleeping bags because we forced the issue. On their own, they would have stayed up all night talking and giggling. Mom and Dad, mean parents that we are, made them stop talking and go to sleep.

I have to admit that I love their favorite part of the weekend. It's good to know they appreciate the little things, as well as the big trip. If their favorite thing was sleeping in their princess sleeping bags and giggling through the night, then we seem to be raising two pretty happy girls.


Nicki said...

Yeah, kids are like that! You could have a huge exciting day, but what they remember the most is something so little, like drinking from a cool drinking fountain or holding your hand!

tashabud said...

What my daughter remembers best in her childhood was when we'd go outside the house and spread our huge blanket on the lawn and lie down on our backs as we watched the stars and the shooting stars on clear and starry nights. Oh, I miss those times.

Beth said...

I found you on the Mom Blogs and I'm glad I stopped by-I enjoyed your blog!

Would you mind if I linked your website on mine? (I always ask first, although I'm not sure why- its not like someone has ever said 'no'. lol)